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Digipet X Free


Help us to improve this game! Get the V.I.P. version to help us!!!The V.I.P Version has:
*Food costs are reduced!*Medicine Store open.*A new Free habitat.*The Pink egg will be available only in the V.I.P. version.*The Lapis lazuli egg will be available only in the V.I.P. version.
Link to V.I.P. version:

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feed your digipet to be able to battle.-Play with your pet to gain hapiness.-Sleep if needed.-Choose one stage and fight! Clearing stages improves your level and gives you training points.-Use training points to improve your skills:-DigiPets evolves on levels: 3, 10, 30 and 60.-Buy new moves and customize your way to battle.-If your pet fails to complete a stage the Life gauge is decreassed. Buy medicine to heal it.
Can you beat all of the stages???

Link to full version: